Betty Hula Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream Tube

A natural 2-in-1.

Soft and hygienic hands in one attractive tube. Betty Hula’s antibacterial hand cream leaves your hands feeling deeply moisturised & germ free. A quick penetrating cream to deeply nourish skin and cuticles. Its natural ingredients including Shea Butter and Coconut Oil help to diminish the appearance of skin ageing and blemishes. The natural silver chromide based anti-bacterial recipe is not only kind to skin but is one of a kind in hand moisturisers.


This exquisite scent is musky, spicy, sensual, sophisticated and utterly compelling.



Code: HBB-BH

Scent : Champagne and Spice

Size: 70ml TUBE

2 other scents are available as well as other products


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